Is Anyone There? - Centrefolds

“Bristol has enjoyed a resurgence in reputation as a ‘taste making city’. Centrefolds have produced the antithesis of the current ‘Bristol’ sound. Unapologetic, artfully crafted, hook-laden indie-pop with pinches of electronica, prog, krautrock and downright eccentricity all bubbling away in the musical melting pot” – BBC 6 Music (Tom Robinson)

“twanging guitarmongery, full of dumbpunk swagger and taught as hell lines” – NME (Gill Mills)

“Bath’s own Queens Of The Stone Age take a slightly harder, more angular direction” – Fred Perry Subculture

“Fiercely mixed to fizz with high end, these exquisitely machine-tooled recordings are an intriguing dish, like Hard Fi butting heads with Skinny Puppy, or The Knack produced by Roli Mossiman. Extraordinarily tight, without an ounce of spare flesh, the tightly-wound guitars recall the spacious dub of The Police’s early post-punk urgency while the drums locks down with the weight and precision of a bank vault door backed with deliciously ugly synth lines, like a modem blurting data over old-school Mod action. Definitely ones to watch” – Venue Magazine

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